Mr. Shravan Verma had the vision to pioneer the best wedding point in Dehradun. Blessings Farm was inaugurated in (YEAR) as is now the best wedding farm in Dehradun. It is just the venue every bride, every groom and their families along with the infamous relatives need to conclude a successful event. Wedding is a great affair in the life of every Indian. There is a saying that it is coming together of two individuals, two souls and two families. Keeping the spirit of the saying alive we present you the best wedding place in Dehradun which enables you to have a memorable experience and provides you an unparalleled wedding experience.

Blessings Farm is a lush green farmhouse situated in the heart of Dehradun city. We provide total wedding solutions the here at the best party place in Dehradun in the form of end to end services starting from the arrival of your guests to till bidding farewell to the bride. We strive to be there at each point of your auspicious wedding day and ensure the couple is truly blessed by one and all and that’s why the name Blessings Farm, the best wedding point in Dehradun!

Deciding on a wedding venue is not child’s play. Wedding is the most important day of your lives and we ensure you shall have a memorable one. It takes a lot of effort to choose among a list of venues, but we are more than just a venue. Blessings Farms is the answer to your queries by certainly impressing you and your guests with the best Banquet Hall in Dehradun, the top class services and dazzling decorations. We keep in mind your vision, your requirements, your budget and most important of all, your happiness, on this very auspicious and treasured day. So don’t stress because it is a moment to celebrate.

Blessings Farm certainly the best wedding place in the city of Dehradun. Come, get married and be blessed at this delightful place..!


Our Address:

Blessings Farm, Near Mahant Indresh Hospital, Pathri Bagh Chowk, Dehradun, 248001 india