Max super specialty hospital department of Oncology here has started limb preservation surgeries for the patients of cancer.

These surgeries are part of Musculo Skeletal Oncology.

Informing about it the Consultant-Medical Oncology, Max Hospital Dr Vimal Pandita told newsmen here on Thursday that musculoskeletal oncology is a sub-specialty of orthopaedic surgery which involves diagnosis, treatment and management of a wide variety of benign and malignant bone tumours, soft tissue tumours and metastatic bone diseases.

“Most of these types of tumours occur in children and are highly curable under proper management. Musculoskeletal cancer treatment is a multidisciplinary approach that is very effective in disease management”, he said.

The Consultant–Surgical Oncology Max Hospital, Dr Mahesh Sultania said that in bone and soft tissue cancer cases, where amputation used to be the previous treatment plan but now the standard practice is Musculo-skeletal or ‘limb preserving’ surgery.

Speaking on the occasion, Consultant-Musculo Skeletal Oncology (Orthopaedic Oncology), Max Hospital Dr Vivek Verma informed about a patient who was diagnosed with recurrent ‘Giant cell tumour’–a type of locally aggressive bone tumour. The musculoskeletal or ‘limb salvage’ surgery was successfully performed in this female patient.

The Vice President,  Operations at Max Hospital Dr Sandeep Singh Tanwar said that the limb salvage surgery is an advanced treatment for bone tumour management and effective in helping to eradicate the disease, retain the integrity of the skeletal system and preserve a limb with useful function. He said that this surgery is now available in the hospital.

The limb reservation procedure has three phases:

Bone resection

After making an accurate assessment of the stage and spread of the tumour the surgeon removes the affected part of the bone.


The procedure involves replacing the missing part of the patient’s body. Prosthesis or implants are made of steel or titanium.

Plastic Surgery

This is performed to cover the area with muscle and soft tissues.